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Legal laboral is a Mexican business law firm serving clients within Mexico, Latin America and the Middle East. For more than 10 years, we have helped companies of all sizes and sectors develop innovative strategies that keep them compliant with local and international regulation, while maximizing their productivity according to their business goals. We work with our clients across a wide spectrum of activities, from doing business in Mexico to successfully complete a merger, from cross-border transactions to invest in real estate.


Our workteam was recently awarded by the Federal Government Agency called ProMexico as one of the best law firms, designed Mexico’s Partner due to our proven strategies to boost business in Mexico and Latin America. We are honorary member of AMEDIRH (Mexican Human Resource Management Association) and we are in charge of writing the legal article for its monthly magazine and counsel different areas of the Association; AMEDIRH is also founder member and national representative of the North America Human Resource Management Association (NAHRMA). Besides, our trusted and recognized services have granted us invitations to collaborate with different universities, political parties, non-governmental organizations, regional associations, among others.





Understanding the different areas of employment regulation, not only the content of the law but the importance of people, is essential to provide effective and lasting solutions. Our specialized team of labor law attorneys is recognized for its innovative strategies not only to avoid and solve legal issues but specially to increase productivity and enhance the work environment.


We work with our clients across a wide spectrum of labor matters: legal terminations, reengineering of processes in human resources, training managers and those who make strategic decisions within the company, individual and collective bargaining negotiations, arbitrations, litigation, among others.


We count on a specialized area of civil and commercial attorneys, ready to provide the best solutions based on their experience and skills.


Our administrative law attorneys help our business partners with government benefits and federal/local regulations compliance. Thus our clients avoid sanctions and assure the lawful operation of their activities.


Our practice in administrative law covers increasingly dynamic sectors such as energy, antitrust, telecommunications, transportation and consumer protection.


Our attorneys advise domestic and foreign corporations that need to employ foreign professionals in Mexican territory, as well as foreign individuals who require specific migratory documents and authorizations to carry out business in Mexico.



A special team of Legal Laboral attorneys is able to successfully handle business transactions, negotiations, drafting, and design of contracts and documents associated with the activities of the business, such as mergers, acquisitions; they also advise business clients on corporate issues, for example the rights and responsibilities of each individual part of the company. Additionally, our attorneys have experience on matters related to notary and registry regulations.


When it comes to look for an alternative dispute resolution out of the courtroom, our arbitration team, that have counseled national and international companies involved in commercial disputes in our country, will reach the best solution, avoiding the expense of processes.



On behalf of our business partners, our criminal law attorneys will make sure their rights are protected if they are in the need to be represented at a criminal court. Our attorneys have ample experience in the handling of all type of cases related to criminal issues, especially those tied to the enterprise scope.


As part of our professional staff, our intellectual property division provides counsel and legal representation on the most effective methods of establishing and developing intellectual property rights.



Our tax division covers the complete range of personal and corporate tax concerns. Specialized attorneys work closely with our business partners to provide in-depth advice and strategic counsel.

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